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,Amanita Muscaria contains no psilocybin, yet still produces altered states. Classified as a deliriant; Psychedelic it's psychoative properties come from the chemicals ibotenic acid and muscimol. It produces a distinctly different trip than psilocybin mushrooms. It's commonly referred to as the Fly Agaric mushroom or the Fly Amanita mushroom.

Amanita Muscaria – The Other Magic Mushroom
Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Lotus Flower

Its one of those herbals that don't get talked about as often as it should. So what is it, where does the blue lotus come from and what does it do? This plant grows wild in the Nile Delta in Egypt. The plant has a myriad of names, botanically named Nymphaea caerulea its also referred to as Egyptian Water Lily and Sacred Blue Lily. The origins of this flower is steeped in a rich history of Pharaohs, divine spirituality and royalty.

Blue Lotus Flower
Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is Kratom?

What is Kratom? Kratom, botanically named Mitragyna Speciosa, is a cousin to the coffee plant and native to Southeast Asia.

What is Kratom?
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dutch Haze Review

To date this legal bud review is the worst. Scoring the lowest in all categories. Dutch Haze Review. This review is short and sweet. Shit. Not much more needs to be said. Total shit. Evidently we aren't the only ones. Watch this guy below do his Dutch Haze Review. Save your money my friends. Order something more reputable like Krypto or Dro-.

Dutch Haze Review
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Legal Bud Splice Review

Splice comes in four varieties; Original, Platinum, XXXX and Green. For this review we concentrate on Splice Original. Splice, like a herbal incense, can be smoked on it's own or mixed with another type of legal bud. To experience it in it's pure form and get a good taste for it's potency without any interference we tried in alone. It's much cheaper by the way than almost all the herbal incense out there. You can also get a combo deal of all four Splice blends (6grams each) .

Legal Bud Splice Review
Friday, April 27, 2012

Krypto Bud Review

Krypto Bud is the result of years of experimenting to come up with the ultimate in herbal smoking buds. IO has spent $2 million developing this legal bud with over 1000 experiments to qualify this bud as "high quality." The buds are a bright green chronic color and have an amazing flavor. The resin from the buds produces a rich almost woodland scent.. It’s incredible and really enjoyable. The buds are green and fresh perfect for joints or bongs.

Krypto Bud Review
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense

The battle is on! Legal Bud, Panama Gold VS. Herbal Incense Black Mamba. With all the hype over which is better, we figure time to cut through the drama and find out. It's and epic Legal Bud Vs. Herbal Incense showdown.

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dro (Legal Bud Review)

If you've come to expect a harsh pull from the legal buds and herbal smokes, this bud will surprise you. Unlike most herbal buds, Dro- has a smooth and almost sweet taste. I know, there is nothing worse than packing your pipe full of a luscious nug of legal buds, only to find it has a monster harsh and rough taste. Have no fears on Dro- though, this legal bud gets big five stars on the taste.

Dro (Legal Bud Review)
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit

These Roll-Your-Own herbal smokes in a box are not technically herbal cigarettes, however, since they contain no tobacco. After breaking up and rolling the herbal bud in the convenient papers attached to the side of each box, one might describe them as a cigarette-style smoke instead of an herbal cigarette.

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blueberry Bud (Review)

Blueberry Bud is one of the more popular legal buds available. The bud is full of beautiful rich blue color. The smell alone excites the senses with it's deep blueberry overtones. The same blueberry smell transfers to the taste producing on of the best flavors of all the READ the Legal Bud Reviews. When you spark up this bud you will find it extremely satisfying. The aroma and taste will win over even the most discriminating bud smokers. This READ the Legal Bud Reviews is built to impress and the relaxing feeling achieved from smoking Blueberry Bud will leave no doubt about it's high quality.

Blueberry Bud (Review)
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Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense

Posted on Jan 17 in Legal Bud Reviewsby Frater OzPrintText Resizer Text Resizer

Black Mamba Incense

black-mamba-herbal-incense-reviewBlack Mamba Incense is a popular one on herbal incense block. It’s a compilation of herbs, mostly Damiana. Damiana is a flowering herb that grows on the desert south west. It has long been used by the local indigenous population for “ritual” purposes. It’s known for it’s relaxation effects.

Black Mamba Incense appears to be a light mix of herbs with no large heavy buds. It smells more of potpourri than cannabis.  Which is a put off when considering the method of using is inhaling into the lungs. Sure enough your first drag will bring back to fond memories of Mexican dirt weed. Harsh and heavy, this herb hits the lungs like a smoking freight train.

After your first drag the effects of the JWH-018 are instant causing a mild relaxation. This relaxation from Black Mamba Incense last for about three hours, gradually decreasing into a mild headache. Along with the mild effect of the synthetic cannabis and Damiana is cotton mouth and slight munchies. The headache and hangover effect last for about half as long as the high, depending on the amount you smoke.

Overall we’d say the high was pleasant but the headache and hangover was not worth it. Grogginess lasting for about half the duration of the high with a headache we’d say you’re better off with something else.

  • Looks: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Taste: favorites-16x16
  • Smell: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • High: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • After Effects: favorites-16x16
  • Legal: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Shows On Drug Test: Unkown


Panama Gold Bud

panama-gold-bud-review Panama Gold Bud is one the original buds from this supplier. Unlike the herbal incense this bud is a BUD. Thick and heavy like it’s cousin weed. Some legal buds come as a pressed mix of herbs and spice in order to be easier to smoke it a bowl. If you prefer your Panama Gold Bud in a joint it’s easy to break up.

Our Panama Gold Bud came sticky and smelling sweet of herb. On the large buds are red hairs attesting to it’s uniqueness among legal buds. Some of it was rather sticky due to the spice added to the bud. This is easily dried for smoking. On lighting the Panama Gold Bud and inhaling you are surprised that it is actually mellow and smooth. Very rare for buds or incense. With a sweet taste Panama Gold is wont send you over into a coughing fit.

The effects of Panama Gold Bud are mellow and relaxing, hitting instantly. We experienced mild munchies, no paranoia or other ill effects. The buz last a few hours, depending on the amount you smoke. On coming down there was no headache or other hangover like effects. This is due to the very high quality of the legal bud.

Overall we can highly recommend this legal bud. You can buy a lot of other herbal incense and legal buds out there. All of them tasting like a bag of assholes with horrible after effects. Stick with legal buds like Panama Gold Bud and others from IO and you’ll be golden.

  • Looks: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Taste: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Smell: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • High: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • After Effects: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Legal: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16
  • Shows On Drug Test: favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16favorites-16x16 (Does Not Show)

Panama Gold Bud


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One Comment

  • Curious... says:

    I have purchased the “420 Special” from IO and was quite upset at what I received in the mail after paying over $60. I was expecting a “high” (for lack of better words). Being a retired 420 gal, I have been seeking other alternatives to keep my urine clean for work. I honestly didn’t give it much of a chance, since I was pretty much expecting it to taste/smell/drag like weed. I have been considering giving IO another chance, but trying one of the seemingly ‘stronger’ buds.

    In your HONEST, unbiased opinion….is it really worth the money?

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