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,Amanita Muscaria contains no psilocybin, yet still produces altered states. Classified as a deliriant; Psychedelic it's psychoative properties come from the chemicals ibotenic acid and muscimol. It produces a distinctly different trip than psilocybin mushrooms. It's commonly referred to as the Fly Agaric mushroom or the Fly Amanita mushroom.

Amanita Muscaria – The Other Magic Mushroom
Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Lotus Flower

Its one of those herbals that don't get talked about as often as it should. So what is it, where does the blue lotus come from and what does it do? This plant grows wild in the Nile Delta in Egypt. The plant has a myriad of names, botanically named Nymphaea caerulea its also referred to as Egyptian Water Lily and Sacred Blue Lily. The origins of this flower is steeped in a rich history of Pharaohs, divine spirituality and royalty.

Blue Lotus Flower
Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is Kratom?

What is Kratom? Kratom, botanically named Mitragyna Speciosa, is a cousin to the coffee plant and native to Southeast Asia.

What is Kratom?
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dutch Haze Review

To date this legal bud review is the worst. Scoring the lowest in all categories. Dutch Haze Review. This review is short and sweet. Shit. Not much more needs to be said. Total shit. Evidently we aren't the only ones. Watch this guy below do his Dutch Haze Review. Save your money my friends. Order something more reputable like Krypto or Dro-.

Dutch Haze Review
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Legal Bud Splice Review

Splice comes in four varieties; Original, Platinum, XXXX and Green. For this review we concentrate on Splice Original. Splice, like a herbal incense, can be smoked on it's own or mixed with another type of legal bud. To experience it in it's pure form and get a good taste for it's potency without any interference we tried in alone. It's much cheaper by the way than almost all the herbal incense out there. You can also get a combo deal of all four Splice blends (6grams each) .

Legal Bud Splice Review
Friday, April 27, 2012

Krypto Bud Review

Krypto Bud is the result of years of experimenting to come up with the ultimate in herbal smoking buds. IO has spent $2 million developing this legal bud with over 1000 experiments to qualify this bud as "high quality." The buds are a bright green chronic color and have an amazing flavor. The resin from the buds produces a rich almost woodland scent.. It’s incredible and really enjoyable. The buds are green and fresh perfect for joints or bongs.

Krypto Bud Review
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense

The battle is on! Legal Bud, Panama Gold VS. Herbal Incense Black Mamba. With all the hype over which is better, we figure time to cut through the drama and find out. It's and epic Legal Bud Vs. Herbal Incense showdown.

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dro (Legal Bud Review)

If you've come to expect a harsh pull from the legal buds and herbal smokes, this bud will surprise you. Unlike most herbal buds, Dro- has a smooth and almost sweet taste. I know, there is nothing worse than packing your pipe full of a luscious nug of legal buds, only to find it has a monster harsh and rough taste. Have no fears on Dro- though, this legal bud gets big five stars on the taste.

Dro (Legal Bud Review)
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit

These Roll-Your-Own herbal smokes in a box are not technically herbal cigarettes, however, since they contain no tobacco. After breaking up and rolling the herbal bud in the convenient papers attached to the side of each box, one might describe them as a cigarette-style smoke instead of an herbal cigarette.

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blueberry Bud (Review)

Blueberry Bud is one of the more popular legal buds available. The bud is full of beautiful rich blue color. The smell alone excites the senses with it's deep blueberry overtones. The same blueberry smell transfers to the taste producing on of the best flavors of all the READ the Legal Bud Reviews. When you spark up this bud you will find it extremely satisfying. The aroma and taste will win over even the most discriminating bud smokers. This READ the Legal Bud Reviews is built to impress and the relaxing feeling achieved from smoking Blueberry Bud will leave no doubt about it's high quality.

Blueberry Bud (Review)
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Herbal Incense Effects

Posted on Jul 28 in Herbal Incenseby Frater OzPrintText Resizer Text Resizer

Or Does Herbal Incense Get You High?

Damiana-herbal-incenseWe’ve all seen the hoopla over Spice Incense and the others over the past year. Most of the press related to the herbal incense that possessed synthetic cannoboids has been on it’s banning at the Federal and State level. Why is it banned? Well because it gets you high, and in America the only way to get high legally is to pay a pharmaceutical company for their goods. That and what else is the government for if not to keep us safe from ourselves. I digress….

Most herbal incense products on the market today do not get you high. That being said, we have found a few blends that do contain botanicals known for their…mind altering effects. Most of these herbal incense contain Damiana as their base ingredient and adding in other herbs like Wild Opium Lettuce and Valerian Root. Herbal incense blends that contain these herbs will produce a mild euphoric state. Nothing approaching that of lets say some chronic. But hey, if you wanted marijuana you’d get marijuana.

Of the herbal incense we’ve tested the following seem to posses a unique blend of herbs to produce excellent effects. Now keep in mind these herbal incense blend are designed to feel good no produce pleasant smoke. So, sometimes the drag can be a bit harsh but not overall bad.

K2 Sky Incense

A pure blend of natural herbs and botanicals formulated specifically to offer you an aromatic aroma combined with potent, relaxing sensation. Perfect for meditation and general burning around the house. The rich smoke offers a very pleasurable aroma full of yummy botanical scents.

K2 Sex Solid Incense

K2 Sex Solid Incense was introduced shortly after K2 Ultra, the K2 Sex Solid incense blend contains a proprietary mixture of ingredients designed to create a sensual aroma. So set the mood and arouse your senses with the new romantic K2 sex solid incense. K2 Sex Solid incense is one of the most unique incense blends ever produced and is currently unrestricted by any laws of any region of the world. We can also recomend this herbal incense.

International Oddities

*All of the herbal incense we’ve listed here are compliant with the Federal and State ban on synthetic cannoboids.

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One Comment

  • Incense is the traditional aromatic fragrant smoke that is normally used in some religious activities and spiritual meditations. As days go by, the traditional incense comes up with different variations. One of the leading products nowadays is the K2 incense. This is a very exceptional and unusual brand of incense that is composed of a mixture of herbs and other botanical components. The components are blended with a signature ingredient to create a very incomparable smell being used by most people in meditation and yoga exercises. This creates a natural earthy scent which is more pleasing and desirable compared to some perfume based scent of other incense products in the market.

    K2 incense comes with different variations of smell which will be applicable depending on what mood you want. This differs from the ingredients and herbal blends. K2 blonde incense that is composes of a very distinct but complex formulation. This creates a sensational vanilla scent suitable for women. Another herbal mix is the K2 summit incense. Summit has its unique blend that comes with extracts of rose and bay bean that create a sensational aroma. Another innovation of incense available in the market is the K3 incense. This also comes out with different herbal blends. Among the herbal blends that create different soothing smell are K3 pineapple express and K3 blueberry.

    Whatever it may be, K2 incense or K3 incense, both brings out smells that are suitable to meditation and yoga exercises. Some also uses incense to honor gods in temples. This is being used for quite a long time already for different rituals. This also gives a therapeutic effect. That is why this becomes so popular and widely acceptable all over the place.

    K2 incense can be bought through the internet. One just has to be very careful in choosing the safest site, as many companies and distributors give fake products of K2. Some sites give out different promos like buy two take one or some other packages. Some also offer incense accessories which you can use like incense burner. One important thing to consider in buying online is to find the site that displays or shows authenticity seal. That seal will lead you to an authentic link. On this link, one can already confirm that the website is legitimate so much so with the product. Same thing if you will shop this from stores, make sure that the store has an authentic K2 seal.

    K2 incense is very effective and relaxing incense. Just don’t forget safety measures in using this incense as this may be fire hazard. Some of the things to consider are: incense should be lighted on incense burner; don’t light the incense near other flammable products; avoid putting burning incense near moving items like curtains; and most importantly keep this out of the reach children for obvious reason. Remember you buy K2 incense to use it for meditation and relaxation and not to create stress. Have the most relaxing moment now with K2 incense.

    Looking to buy k2 incense? Visit our website to get the best price for k2 incense, k3 incense

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