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,Amanita Muscaria contains no psilocybin, yet still produces altered states. Classified as a deliriant; Psychedelic it's psychoative properties come from the chemicals ibotenic acid and muscimol. It produces a distinctly different trip than psilocybin mushrooms. It's commonly referred to as the Fly Agaric mushroom or the Fly Amanita mushroom.

Amanita Muscaria – The Other Magic Mushroom
Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Lotus Flower

Its one of those herbals that don't get talked about as often as it should. So what is it, where does the blue lotus come from and what does it do? This plant grows wild in the Nile Delta in Egypt. The plant has a myriad of names, botanically named Nymphaea caerulea its also referred to as Egyptian Water Lily and Sacred Blue Lily. The origins of this flower is steeped in a rich history of Pharaohs, divine spirituality and royalty.

Blue Lotus Flower
Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is Kratom?

What is Kratom? Kratom, botanically named Mitragyna Speciosa, is a cousin to the coffee plant and native to Southeast Asia.

What is Kratom?
Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dutch Haze Review

To date this legal bud review is the worst. Scoring the lowest in all categories. Dutch Haze Review. This review is short and sweet. Shit. Not much more needs to be said. Total shit. Evidently we aren't the only ones. Watch this guy below do his Dutch Haze Review. Save your money my friends. Order something more reputable like Krypto or Dro-.

Dutch Haze Review
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Legal Bud Splice Review

Splice comes in four varieties; Original, Platinum, XXXX and Green. For this review we concentrate on Splice Original. Splice, like a herbal incense, can be smoked on it's own or mixed with another type of legal bud. To experience it in it's pure form and get a good taste for it's potency without any interference we tried in alone. It's much cheaper by the way than almost all the herbal incense out there. You can also get a combo deal of all four Splice blends (6grams each) .

Legal Bud Splice Review
Friday, April 27, 2012

Krypto Bud Review

Krypto Bud is the result of years of experimenting to come up with the ultimate in herbal smoking buds. IO has spent $2 million developing this legal bud with over 1000 experiments to qualify this bud as "high quality." The buds are a bright green chronic color and have an amazing flavor. The resin from the buds produces a rich almost woodland scent.. It’s incredible and really enjoyable. The buds are green and fresh perfect for joints or bongs.

Krypto Bud Review
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense

The battle is on! Legal Bud, Panama Gold VS. Herbal Incense Black Mamba. With all the hype over which is better, we figure time to cut through the drama and find out. It's and epic Legal Bud Vs. Herbal Incense showdown.

Panama Gold Bud VS. Black Mamba Incense
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dro (Legal Bud Review)

If you've come to expect a harsh pull from the legal buds and herbal smokes, this bud will surprise you. Unlike most herbal buds, Dro- has a smooth and almost sweet taste. I know, there is nothing worse than packing your pipe full of a luscious nug of legal buds, only to find it has a monster harsh and rough taste. Have no fears on Dro- though, this legal bud gets big five stars on the taste.

Dro (Legal Bud Review)
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit

These Roll-Your-Own herbal smokes in a box are not technically herbal cigarettes, however, since they contain no tobacco. After breaking up and rolling the herbal bud in the convenient papers attached to the side of each box, one might describe them as a cigarette-style smoke instead of an herbal cigarette.

Roll-Your-Own Legal Bud Kit
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blueberry Bud (Review)

Blueberry Bud is one of the more popular legal buds available. The bud is full of beautiful rich blue color. The smell alone excites the senses with it's deep blueberry overtones. The same blueberry smell transfers to the taste producing on of the best flavors of all the READ the Legal Bud Reviews. When you spark up this bud you will find it extremely satisfying. The aroma and taste will win over even the most discriminating bud smokers. This READ the Legal Bud Reviews is built to impress and the relaxing feeling achieved from smoking Blueberry Bud will leave no doubt about it's high quality.

Blueberry Bud (Review)
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What Is Spice Incense?

Posted on Aug 02 in Herbal Incenseby Frater OzPrintText Resizer Text Resizer

Questions about spice incense have been coming up lately. Spice incense isn’t new to the legal bud market, but we have been seeing it more frequently on the web. We have never tried this legal bud, so we’re curious as to it’s properties and effects too. After a bit of research on spice incense this is what we came up with.

Spice is both a brand name and a slang term for a legal bud (herbal mix) that has synthetic cannabinoids like JWH-018 added to it.  There were actually many manufactures selling this product both online and in smoke shops. It seems that not all spice incense was made equal though. We have had reports of some Spice having no cannabis like effects and causing major headaches.

Spice incense contained a mix of herbs traditionally used to create relaxation and a chill sensation like that of cannabis. Herbs listed on the packaging include Canavalia maritima, Nymphaea caerulea, Scutellaria nana, Pedicularis densiflora, Leonotis leonurus, Zornia latifolia, Nelumbo nucifera and Leonurus sibiricus.

However, a German laboratory conducted tests on some samples of Spice and found that the lower quality blends to be inferior and may even be harmful…

“…when the product was analysed by laboratories in Germany and elsewhere, it was found that many of the characteristic “fingerprint” molecules expected to be present from the claimed plant ingredients could not be located. There were also large amounts of synthetic tocopherol present. This suggested that the actual ingredients might not be the same as what was listed on the packet, and a German government risk assessment of the product conducted in November 2008 concluded that it was unclear what the actual plant ingredients were, where the synthetic tocopherol had come from, and whether the subjective cannabis-like effects were actually produced by any of the claimed plant ingredients or instead might possibly be caused by a synthetic cannabinoid drug.”

However, there are a number of other legal highs that don’t contain research chemicals and offer a powerful mind altering experience. Kratom is one such plant, or Bouncing Bear offers other considerations.  So if you’re looking for a legal, affordable high, they’re still available. Unfortunately due to the chemicals in Spice, and the laws surrounding synthetic cannaboids, spice has become illegal to sell and virtually unattainable.


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  • mike says:

    i’ve just recently smoked some dancing monkey (the mad mango flavor) and while the main effects last for a couple hours, there are some lingering effects following a smoke. i experience slight headache, light headed-ness (a dizzy sensation) not like a floaty feeling… the bad kind. i smoked in mid afternoon and i still feel light headed. maybe partially due to dehydration, but i think the spice is potentiating it. as far as consistency of the herb goes, it is very fine cut. i recommend a very small pipe or something with a screen. not recommended for rolling. i bought it for 20.99 plus tax at a gas station for a 2 gram bag. but it is good. it doesn’t take a whole lot. i use a pipe that is like a deep one-hitter and i get 4 puffs out of it and i’m chopped. i hope this helps some people!

  • JR says:

    “Spice 2 Go” is the real deal. You won’t waste your money if you spend it on this brand.

  • Lo says:

    A friend of mine purchased the strawberry flavored Mystic Spice incense yesterday & told me it was exactly like smoking the “illegal” stuff. I didn’t really believe it at first, until I tried it last night. I only needed to take a couple of puffs from the pipe & I was feeling pretty good. So far, so good.. but I’m a little concerned as to what types of CHEMICALS there could possibly be in this stuff. IF there are none, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to pass a drug test. Although, so far we have no proof that it doesn’t show up. We will find out soon, I’m sure.

  • Lo says:

    ….also, on the package it says “not for human consumption.” …. um, is that just to make it legal to sell? cause if I’m ingesting something that I’m REALLY not supposed to be ingesting, I’d like to know!

  • John says:

    I like lights out spice so much better than all these it’s delicious they have thirty flavors. They don’t use acetone like all these other people and they have the strongest spice out there called White Rabbit ask for it it’s the bomb.

  • Sensi says:

    So I just smoked Kush Herbal Incense, the strawberry kind i think. On the back it says it has wild lettuce in it.. lol.. trippy. Anywho… I am astounded at how well this product works. And, for the first time ever i’m considering herbal alternatives. It’s a real nice cerebral calmness, and, so far, no negative side effects after using it all day. It’s quite nice actually. So far this is the only herbal ‘incense’ i’ve used. btw.. i’ve rolled and bowled it. Both are fine.. The taste, tho, isn’t that pleasant especially since i don’t care for strawberry but hey, what could i do. It’s harsh and sometimes burns my throat, esp towards the end of the bag.

  • notmyrealname says:

    I smoked some of the fear and loathing, I think I may have smoked too much at once though, I had a severe headache and felt achy and like I was gonna pass out. I’m not a puss who can’t hang or anything either, been smoking the other for years.

  • says:

    I smoke spice quite often, and I can say it’s similar, but not quite as good. I smoke fusion and zero gravity, and both are good. A one hitter from a pipe can give you a good buzz, if you take it in deep, and hold it for awhile. Be careful though! You can easily get uncomfortably high from spice, if you’re not careful. Smoke in small amounts until you get a feel for the product. Also, don’t drive. You lose your attention span very easily. Spice is more of a body high than a happy giggly bud high, however. At least for me it is. Some people feel increased pulse (happens) and like they’re going to die. (lol). Perfect example of why you shouldn’t smoke too much at first. Bonzai and Mr. Nice Guy are not good brands to start on. As a volunteer firefighter, I have to pass 12 panel drug tests, and spice has really helped me along that road.

  • Coded says:

    I smoked some fusion a day ago, I got the elevated heart rate. Very paranoid, “could feel my heartbeat like a drum” feeling for about an hour. I think what it was is I smoked to much my first time with this, and got uncomfortably high on it. After the initial shock, It was a good high which lasted around 4-5 hours. It was hard to keep track of time, as the high took over everything. lol But, I would recommend “The Dancing Monkey” or something not as strong for first time smokers. Don’t drive or do anything that pretty much needs most of your attention “until you get used to it”… Don’t mix with anything that you’re not sure of, and don’t drink energy drinks while smoking this product. (Could be one cause of elevated heart rate) but, don’t worry…You’re not going to have a heart attack, just calm down and relax, make sure you tell yourself that you’re just high. Lmao…. Happy experimenting.

  • Jay says:

    I have been smoking spice for 9 months now and I’ve experienced both positive and severely negative effects. The first I tried was Diablo at $10 a gram. Although I got a very pleasant high, I too suffered from headaches and unevenness upon coming down. Diablo quickly became ineffective and I started trying a multitude of brands. Some were pleasant; some were completely ineffective; and others would knock me out. When I say they knock me out, I was literally knocked unconscious. The first to do this was Monkey Spice Sour Apple, were I just slumped over in my computer chair while typing an e-mail, but I haven’t seen it since the “big” DEA ban 6 months ago. Head Trip has been available the last 2 months or so. My uncle has dubbed it the “coma pot” because the first two times he smoked it, two hits knocked him out for 2 hours. HT was $20 gram originally but has dropped to $13. I normally smoke Kush at $21 for 11 grams, but they have been messing with their formula recently in a negative way. For 6 months it’s been shredded and heavy, but last week it came light and fluffy. It gave me extreme headaches and my uncle chest pains and an uneven feeling. No matter the brand I always suffer a bad cough and hack for days while I’m smoking, I fiend when I run out, and after daily smoking for a couple months, I started suffering withdrawals. I thought the withdrawal symptoms were just me until my cousin and several acquaintances told me the same thing. I still smoke almost daily but have been cutting back on the quantity. Also seems the “high” effects of the varying chemicals throughout the spices effects individuals differently. For instance Matt, comment above me, likes Zero Gravity, but that does nothing for me.

  • Frank says:

    I just started smoking “Funky Green Stuff” and Head Trip over this past week and I’ve had good and bad reviews. First off I’ve never tried smoking this shit until it got a bit dry around my parts and I heard this is a good alternative. It says clearly on the label “Not for human comsumption so I’m a bit torn if this is really the best thing for you. I’ve experanced racing heart symdroms late at night, Itchy eyes, and really that’s about it. It does get you high but I rather have the real thing. Any sugesstions from someone more expecianced smoking this stuff??

  • Inmetitativebliss says:

    I have tried it recently my self bought some at a local convince store and checked it out .. i experienced a plethora of different effects from a exception high-tend sexual experience with my man to heart racing paranoia. all ican say is if your a person who tends to be sensitive to energies.. or has a good grasp on the not so common super natural ability u may have some awesome experiences but if your thc highs tend to fall toward the paranoia end.. then stay out of the cookie jar so to speak..

  • Cliff says:

    reply for frank. it says not for human consumption so the fcc cant regulate it.

  • Hawkhead says:

    I just bought the 4g jar of aloha spice pineapple flavor… It smells and tastes delish :D .I smoked a joint and was feeling pretty ripped.. It also also made me pretty paranoid. Four hours later I shared a pretty big bong bowl with some friends… And I was to ripped to even stand… I did not like that when I got home I sat down on my couch and watched tv for 40-50 minutes with out moving. I then tried to go to bed and it felt ass if all my limbs were made of iron but all in all it was the closet high to weed I’ve gotten from spice

  • Hibred Redneck/hippy says:

    MAD Hatter is the BOMB…Be CAREFULL… One hitter is all you need… I have tried many DEW, and Flame are Favs. Cloud nine is acceptable. Demond is spicey but OK. Out to sea was once great but they changed it and don’t waste your money. Polar Bear is TRASH. All in all it is great to be able to turn off and RELAX in the evening without having to worry about a urine drop….iT also serves all the same purposes of medical merijuna but without the risk… Unfortunately my state just passed a new law… I am eggerly awaiting the new formula…

  • Baphomet says:

    I have smoked about 60 grams over the last month of different types of spice. I have really tried to OD and surprisingly I have not OD’d. You can experience remarkable highes like nothing ive ever tried before. But it makes you feel dellusional after a while. I must strongly advise people to be careful when using this. I am feeling kind of psycho from time to time. But physically I only suffered from some persistent cough but nothing worse than like having a couple blunts. In other words: Its a great high but be careful if you have like an actual life. You know activities and certain things that might require your FULL attention.

    Brands Do’s and Don’ts

    K2 yes the red one. Decent high but Three monkees is more potent.

    Three monkeys Yes and try to get the 15 grams for about 80 or so. dont buy 1 gram for 20.

    Sexy monkey Yes Both sexy monkey and three monkees are very potent. sort of like shroomy sometimes but there is almost always different highs. Illusions and stuff.. Hit it hard after 3 times. Almost till you puke. Then you get super high

    Kush walker: Not so potent although I did have an ARTSY high.. I can not draw for shit and I smoked 4 grams of kush walker and the had 4 monsters energy drinks.. Made me feel like fucking van gogh and I had this Masterpiece in accordance to rembrandt 5 hours later. dont ask me how. You get super focused.

    Aloha didnt do to much for me so I suggest you start out on three monkeys. Then just up the dose as you please. Sometimes a man needs to be astronomical high.. sometimes.

    Anyways hope this helps anyone.
    Im gonna smoke some more.

    Oh and by the way Pink floyd and Led zeppelin just makes way more sense when you are in the twilight zone. Shifting between consiousness. Rocketman out.

  • Anonymous says:

    I Highly recommend “Mr. Happy”. its a bit hard to find for me in buffalo but me and my friends smoked it and its pretty damn intense. i recommend only 1 hit and you’ll start feeling the effects at most a minute later. and we’re far from light weights too. it feels more of a body and mind high and although it only lasts about 30 minutes i think its highly worth it. The feeling is unimaginable

  • smokinabowlinDE says:

    The other night me and my friend couldn’t find any bud so we called around and our usual guy said to try something called aloha kush from this shell station. I thought that alone was kinda weird lol but we went in, got it, about 4-5g for 20 bucks. So we packed our bowl and he did spice so he knew not to hit it like weed but forgot to tell me. Anyways, 3 bowl hits later and i was gone. Keep in mind, I’ve been smoking a couple times a week for 2 years so I’m not exactly new. Like Hawkhead said, my whole body felt like steel and i couldn’t feel my legs and feet. Wasn’t freaking out though, because weed sometimes did that to me. Anyways, I’m all for spice, puts me in a good high where everything is amazing, eyes are barely red and doesnt show up on drug tests. Make sure you have food, because we got to taco bell and I feasted like a king haha

  • Taylorrr says:

    Okay so me and my bro’s got this stuff called “mr. Happy” blueberry! It was fucking blueberry! We were used to taking like 3 or 5 bowls of regular weed so we thought we could handle a couple bowls of this “pot-pourri”. After about sharing 2 bowls my mouth started to get really dry and I felt like my spit was sand. This gave me such a different high then weed, you only really have to take a few strong hits, more than that and you need help.
    If your doing any new spice with your friends make sure they know how to use it properly or they will get hurt.

  • Dee says:

    So ive been smoking spice almost a year on an off,since before the ban an after as they keep recreating the formula,lately my sister an i have been smoking Aloha spice, recently we’ve had a few “Bad” trips Rapid heart beat,headache ect. But today was the worst,i took a fat bong rip an started to have a huge headache,i knew the heart racing was soon to come so i tried to calm myself down an take slow breaths,it only hit me harder an harder,i went to the bathroom (the calming place for me when im to loaded) running my hands under cold water,i started to calm down but my heart ws still thudding in my chest,just as i started to feel as though i was coming down i started to hallucinate to the point that were it not for my gf talking me down i was calling 911,if you like the strong stuff Aloha is for you,though im almost postive a person could OD, have a heart attck,cardiac arrest,depending on your health,BE CAREFUL.

  • michelle says:

    im in south ga this is what i have to offer.My first try was Mad Monkey by sparks put my butt on the floor, all i can say is remember to “wiggle your big toe” lol.wasn’t really much else i could do. you will build a tolerence then it sucks. magic smoke is good if the flame on the package is purple or red. the blue and green ones were weak. Green Ghost is wretched and harsh so take it slow and easy. And yes the widow. hehe have fun with her or she will al by Seriously the only problem i have is wow this stuff really makes me ummm…..well hot and bothered and it just does the opposite for my man ya know. So as for the buzz yes enjoy, if your mate starts actin all hell yeah, giver some booty or eat yolur way to her heart lmao

  • agree with Dee says:

    I agree with Dee

  • Needing Info says:

    To d-
    That sounds exactly like precipitated opiate withdrawal… There were moments where it (the p.w.d. ) was a combination of pain and a psychedelic experience similar to salvia.

    I switch brands like crazy because I just get tired of one, you know, and I ave to recommend any of the “Monkeys” bud from Spark. they are potent but in my experience at least they are consistent.

  • Stace says:

    I was eager to try some herbal incense since I recently moved to a new state and lost my old herb connections. So last night I bought some Funky Green Stuff and scored herb at the same time. I decided to smoke the FGS first to see what it’s like. So I packed a big bowl and smoked 2 hits…then a few hours later I took one more hit. This shit fucked me the hell up and I thought I was going to die! That last hit is what really put me into this state of mind. My heart was racing, I was more stoned than ever, but it was so intense that I didn’t know if I wanted to puke, shit, go to sleep or try to enjoy the intense high. I wanted to sleep since it was so late but I felt too weird and almost dizzy/nauseated. I drank 3 glasses of water, ate a couple strawberries, then was finally able to fall asleep. This morning my mind. body and spirit felt disconnected and I feel off. It’s difficult to hold a good conversation with anyone cause it’s hard to process what they are saying… and this is the next afternoon. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIT! IT’S NOT WORTH IT. STICK WITH THE REAL THING.

  • realynn says:

    haha i smoke spice once and a while and it gives me a good high i like strawberry and aloha. but my friend like tripps off it and its kinda scary it makes him act like a fuckin three year old…

  • Uncle pudgie says:

    The aloha kush is the shit, i just quit smokin and bought a jar of this shit, it gets me super toasty lol. I must say im pretty ripped off it now

  • Nick says:

    Hello I am a 18. I was addicted to weed for 3 years and have taken spice on multiple occasions. When I would smoke it I would crave it for the next few days or more so I do believe it is very additive. Many of my friends have gotton addicted to it as well. I will never smoke it again because the last two times I had fluid coming out of my eyes, nose, and ears which have not happend before. I My heart was beating abnormally fast and I felt horrible. This was my first time to smoke it in months but there are so many times I had never had these side effects before. I have been alone and smoked it many times and would talk to my self looking around the room visualizeing my friends that weren’t there it’s crazy. I wanted to tell everyone how I feel about it and my times on it. I have smoked it over two hundred times maybe more and it’s not good for you. 90% of the time I had a headache the next day or when it wore off. I vomited over five times it’s very bad and nothing like marjuanna. I wouldnt recomenmed it to anyone I have seen a quite a bit of people freak out on it. DO NOT SMOKE SPICE. It says not for human consumption for a reason. Thank you for reading this and I hope I helped someone

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